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Purus auctor erat

Swiftyspade started with constant trial and error. As a kid I always had a passion for drawing random shit. I was and still am big into cartoons and video games. A lot of the inspiration I got today came from the meaningless hours of sitting in from of the tv and sitting with a controller in hand. I was always fascinated with printing, especially with cabinet graphics on the side of arcade and pinball machines. When I first started getting into the drawing biz, I would draw some stuff up for bands. In the long run, I realized it wasn't something I wanted to make a career out of. I like freedom, and being told what to draw wasn't my thing. I first started a site called rottonrabbit.com ( still alive ) and started my first clothing line called Blakfrost ( gonna revamp it and bring it back ). The shirt biz came from watching videos on youtube about screen printing and thought it would be something different to do. So I ended up buying my first press, it ended up being a death trap. The arms were held on by magnets and always fell and lost registration. After that I ended up buying a high end press with all the equipment and that is where I am today. I think that if you receive something directly from the person, it has more meaning. So I hope you enjoy the story and what I have to offer.

- Steven Bryant